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Contact Our Ant Control Camberwell Team For Complete Ants Elimination in Camberwell

Our ant control Camberwell team has become a reliable choice for cost-effective, quality and comprehensive services. We have a different small but passionate team of experts that provide the best ant control services. Moreover, our ant control Camberwell experts put safety, quality and environmental responsibility as our topmost priority. We are a company that is certified, licensed and fully qualified. 

The spills from soft drinks, honey, syrups, cookies, jams, jellies, candy and sweet baked foods are favourites of ants. So, ants invade those properties wherever they find this food. To control any type of ants, we spray ant pest control Camberwell solutions, insecticides, and pesticides. One more way of the ant control method we do is to fumigate the whole infested property. Therefore, find us in Camberwell by calling at 03 4050 7852 for the best ant control service. 

Various Ant Control Services Camberwell That Are In Your Budget

There are 6,500 species of ants in Australia that are both poisonous and non-poisonous living in suitable environments. Hence, our ant control Camberwell team of experts take the job of controlling these various ants with different type of control services. 

Odorous House Ants Removal Service

When you want us to remove odorous house ants, we prefer to bait ants with protein-based products that are favourites of ants. This way we do not just remove ants in one or two numbers but also get rid of the complete colony of ants in no time. 

Pharaoh Ants Removal Service

Although pharaoh ants aren’t dangerous, they are suspected of spreading more than dozen pathogens including bacteria and salmonella. Therefore, to prevent this from happening we consider instant spraying treatment for these species of ants as a removal service. 

Carpenter Ants Removal Service

Common items in your home like baking soda, soap and vinegar can easily eliminate carpenter ants promptly and effectively. However, our ants control Camberwell team suggest you grab our on-site professional carpenter and removal service for best results. 

Pavement Ants Removal Service 

One of the best solutions to get rid of payment ants on a large scale is to find and kill the queen ant of the colony. So leave this job to our experts and get immediate and quality pavement ants removal service now in Camberwell. Ping us today! 

Our Working Process For Permanently Getting Rid Of Ants

Long-term and successful ant control needs more than just spraying pesticides. As a result, we follow a different ant control Camberwell process like below: 

  • Inspection

For a successful Camberwell ant control service, an inspection of the infested area is a crucial step. When our experienced inspectors come to examine your area, we carry out the process with knowledge, equipment and technology. While inspecting, we know how to inspect for areas that are hidden spots for ants and where ants are more active. 

  • Habitat Modification

Post inspection for ants and their colonies, we use a physical treatment like habitat modification to control and remove ants. For which we use a specific toolkit and skillset. If we find appropriate food and water sources for ants, we eliminate those as soon as we find them. 

  • Ant Baiting

Even after this catastrophe called habitat modification, there are still some species of ants that survive. Hence, for those kinds of ants, we use ant baitings that include a tool along with bait and attract ants. Later, we introduce poison into those areas where ants are active once we confirm the ants’ presence. Ants then carry this poison thinking food and successfully baiting will be done throughout the home. 

  • Follow Up Inspection 

As a knowledgeable ant control Camberwell team, we finally do the follow-up inspection to see if our process yielded the best ending results. Next to that, we advise you regarding the prevention of ant control and which DIY tricks are most helpful. 

Why Are We Always The No.1 Choice For Ant Control Services In Camberwell?

When your home is one of the most important assets it is better to keep it in the best condition by controlling ants in time. To make this possible we provide unbeatable services and became the No. 1 providers in Camberwell and nearby areas. 

  • Eco-Friendly Products: We offer natural ant control Camberwell service as we use eco-friendly products. Whatever products we use for ant control services, they are kid and pet-friendly. 
  • Industry-leading Methods: Ours is a reputable company that implements industry-leading Camberwell ant control service methods. Besides this, we are also a recognised firm in Camberwell that caters to client needs. 
  • High-End Technology: Assure to complete the job with high-end technology and state-of-the-art equipment. With this technology and equipment by our side, we ensure to primarily remove ants and later their mounds. 
  • Monday To Sunday Bookings: Despite the day of the week and month, we take bookings for the Camberwell ant control service. That is, we are available from Mondays to Sundays of every month of the year. 
  • Money-Worth Service: Regardless of the species of ants, we provide services that are money-worth. In addition to this, we also offer obligation-free quotes and advice.

Camberwell-Wide Ant And Other Type Of Control Services

Camberwell is a city located in the Southern part of Melbourne, at 40Kms South of Melbourne to be exact. So, when coming to providing Camberwell ant control service, we not just cover Camberwell alone but other prime locations of it as well. Also, we provide other pest control services such as bees, silverfishes, cockroaches, moths, termites, etc, for Camberwell-wide. Our pest controllers know the signs, behaviour, and importance of pest control and hence do on-time services. So, if you find the presence of ants or other pests, call us. 


How does your certified ant pest control Camberwell expert get rid of ants from my home?

Our certified pest control Camberwell experts have in-depth knowledge regarding different ants species, infestation causes, property familiarisation and more. Hence, we create or customise a treatment plan that effectively controls and removes ants. 

What ant behaviours help me keep things under control with ants? 

Although ant control can be difficult, with different ant behaviours you can keep everything under control. Those behaviours are:

Entry of ants through cracks to seek food and water
Pheromone traits left by ants 
Nest locations in walls, lawns, stumps, under concrete slabs and foundations
When threatened, ants uproot their colony and relocate, etc.

What are the causes of an ant infestation?

The causes of ant infestation are food leftovers, cracks in walls, pet food in open areas, bins without lids and greenery on lawns.