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When it comes to working and living comfortably, you should make sure your home has no room for fleas and their infestations. We do a simple job of offering top-class and effective flea control services. We are committed to protecting your home at not just any cost but at affordable prices and this is accountable to every Camberwell local. Since day one, our flea control Camberwell team has grown to a great extent and is proud of what we are serving our clients to meet their needs. See what are the benefits of hiring us and book by calling at 03 4050 7852

  • We look forward to your bookings even on weekends and holidays
  • In-time flea treatment for a house anywhere in Camberwell
  • Eco-friendly flea treatment for kittens and puppies
  • Assure you with amazing results as outcomes
  • Rabbit flea treatment with advanced equipment and excellent skills  
  • Ready to offer pre-purchase inspection and control service anywhere in Camberwell.  

How To Tell If It Is A Flea? 

There are several tips on how to identify fleas that surround and out of your place. Some of the tips are to check for flea bite symptoms, the appearance of fleas and a few other interesting facts. So, check the following information on how to identify fleas and make your life stress-free. 

  • Symptoms Of A Flea Bite 
  • A swollen and red bump develops within 30 minutes of a flea bite 
  • Fleas often target feet and legs
  • Secondary infections arise because of scratching
  • Sometimes flea bites make people hypersensitive 
  • Bite is extremely itchy 
  • Physical Appearance Of A Flea 
  • An oval-shaped, wingless body that is 2 to 8mm in length
  • Mostly, light to deep or deep to light in colour
  • Fleas usually have a small head that is disproportionate
  • Has 6 legs where the hind legs are larger 
  • Capable of jumping to longer distances 
  • Cat Flea
  • Reddish-brown in colour, laterally compressed and wingless 
  • The cat flea is a common parasite that has a domestic cat as its host 
  • Tiny and quick parasites that hide in the dense fur of a cat
  • In about 3 mm in size
  • Affect even mammals and birds 
  • Dog Flea 
  • Dog fleas particularly live on dogs as an ectoparasite 
  • Have a close resemblance with cat fleas 
  • Capable of living without food for many months
  • The female dog needs a blood meal before they produce eggs 
  • Dog fleas have spines and hairs all over their body. 
  • Human Flea 
  • The human flea is otherwise also known as house flea
  • Humans feel painful and irritated when a human flea bites them
  • Live in multiple areas of a home like cushions, carpets and mattresses
  • These fleas live around 139 to 185 days
  • Each day, they feed for about 15 minutes on human arms. 
  • Other Facts 
  • Cat fleas solely live on human blood 
  • If a female and male flea feeds for 10 minutes, they can live for 30 and 17 days respectively
  • In industrialized areas, it is less common to find human fleas 
  • While feeding on your blood, fleas inject their saliva into your bloodstream. 

Measures To Be Taken If You Suspect There Are Fleas Around

It is no way better to leave fleas when you suspect them invading not just your home but your privacy too. Hence, our flea control Camberwell team advise you of useful measures on how to control and get rid of them. 

  • Find topical or oral prescription to kill fleas instantly
  • If you have pets such as dogs and cats, take them for regular vet checkups
  • Do spraying for fleas to kill them in no time
  • Use natural repellents like peppermint oil, clove, pepper, essential oils, etc. 
  • The sprinkling of salt, spraying lemon juice, and doing a powerful vacuuming of your home is helpful
  • If you suspect there are many fleas indoors in your home, go for flea fumigation.

Affordable Flea Control Method In Camberwell

We use active methods for flea control in Camberwell and its prime location, which reminds you of our affordable flea control Camberwell costs. Even our most effective treatments for fleas involve non-toxic, pet-friendly solutions. Do you want to look at how our flea pest control methods work against flea infestations in your home? Here is our process. 

  • Thorough Inspection

The key to successful flea treatment is the very step of the process known as a thorough inspection of the property. A thorough inspection of any area ensures to get rid of every single flea out of your place. Hence, our flea exterminator does an inspection of your home while checking for signs of flea infestation and their activity. Eliminating fleas without inspection is not easy and so we follow this as a mandatory step for total care flea control. 

  • Habitat Modification/Physical Control And Removal

After inspection, we plan to protect your homes by modifying the flea habitats or by physical control and removal methods. Here, you get to see results after a bit of time as fleas take time to understand that they have no more place in your home. We do habitat modification with the help of utilising environmentally friendly products. 

  • Chemical Treatments 

If we find physical control and removal methods are not suitable for your place, then we do the chemical treatment. Where, we use different product formulations, sprays, repellents, flea fumigation, etc. For flea treatment puppy and kitten services, we use pet shampoos, powders and other spot-on treatments. Also, we use chemical insecticides and pesticides as they give the most satisfactory outcomes. 

Same-Day Pest Control Service For Fleas 

We are a licensed company that does flea treatment for home on the same day as the appointment. Moreover, all of our flea controllers are verified and certified. And our intent to provide flea treatment is clear as the following: 

  • Immediate Response- Be it from booking an inspection or service or an enquiry regarding services, you get an immediate response from us. So, feel free to call us any time during the day and night. 
  • All Kind Of Services- We provide all kinds of flea pest control services which are namely human, dog and cat flea treatments. Avail from us now! 
  • Experts From Camberwell- Our flea control Camberwell team always promises to be on time. This is because we are local experts in Camberwell. 
  • Affordable Costs- All of our flea control and extermination services are given at an affordable price. Call us for a pocket-friendly service.


What are the suggestions to treat bites of a flea?

Follow the below instructions and treat the bite from the flea: 

Do not scratch the bite 
Use an antiseptic soap to wash the bite 
Frequently, apply an ice pack over the bite 
Using anaesthetic creams and calamine lotions would be helpful.

How do I check to confirm if my sofa has fleas?

To confirm if your sofa has fleas, you need to first check if your sofa has flea dirt. For this, you need to place your sofa in water and if red colour appears anywhere on your sofa then it means your sofa has fleas.

Do you cause extra charges if I book a slot for emergency dog fleas treatment?

No, we do not charge extra charges when you book our dog fleas treatment and other services in case of emergencies. So, count on us for affordable flea pest control services.