Silverfish Control : Outdoor Maintenance Can Prevent Them

There are many pests living in this world who have appearances like an alien. But, if in the world, any pests look organized, then, no doubt, silverfish will win the competition. Silverfish look very odd or unusual. On top of that, they are one of the quickest moving pests which makes their infestation more irritating. But, thankfully, there are many ways available to do silverfish control in your home permanently.

Silverfish are very small in length, have silvery bodies and they look flat, you will be surprised to know that an adult silverfish can grow up to the length of at least half inches more than their early stage of life. Because of the scales, they seem to look silvery. You easily identify them as they have long antennae and also they have three tails and they cause no health harm but their removal or silverfish control is something which is needed to be done immediately.

Silverfish Control
Silverfish Control

How do silverfish infest?

Like all other pests, silverfish also keep searching for water, food, and shelter. Silverfish look for humid or moist places to thrive in and you can mostly find them in your home’s basements, bathrooms, or underneath the sinks. Unfortunately, all the favorable conditions are provided by your home to silverfish and that’s why they infest the home.

Now, the question is how do they infest your home. Well, silverfish enter the home from cracks or crevices as they are tiny, so, it’s not surprising. After infesting your home, they hide in the cluttered areas of your home and start damaging your books, magazines, papers, or other starchy things.

How long do they live?

Silverfish are one of the pests whose life is very long. If they get favorable conditions for their living, then they can live up to 3 years. So, for keeping your home away from silverfish or doing silverfish control you need to make sure that your home is not fulfilling their needs of living either they can become your biggest problem.

Silverfish control

  1. For silverfish control, you need to keep your home dry and also need to make sure that you don’t have any pipe leaks in your home.
  2. You should keep starchy food properly by sealing it in a plastic container.
  3. Check for breaches and seal them so that no silverfish could hide in your home.

Products to use for silverfish control

  • Granular bait
  • Pest killing dust
  • Liquid insecticides
  • Pest fogger

If you have pets or kids living in your home with you, then, you should prefer to avoid using chemicals or insecticides for silverfish control rather you should call residential pest control. They will come to your home in a proper manner or by following safety guidelines, they will remove silverfish from your home. Hiring Pest Control Camberwell are very reliable and the best.


So, these are some of the ways of outdoor and indoor maintenance for silverfish control. Follow them and make sure Dangerous Pests are In House.